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The Prisoner of War Camp

the POW camp in Otley

The Prisoner of War (POW) camp on Weston Lane and the pre-fabs which were erected on part or the site. The Wharfedale Observer cutting is from November 1947 it says 50 pre-fabs were built and you can see them to the left of the circular road which is The Oval with Weston Lane below.

Alfred Marshall

The Mechanics' Institute, an Alphred Marshall designed building in Otley

Architect Alfred Marshall 1850-1932 had a significant influence on the public face of Otley. One of his most prominent designs was for the Jubilee clock tower in the Market Place in 1887. His first design was for a pair of houses on Birdcage Walk named Springsyde in 1866.

Video Archive

an otley museum display case with various artefacts

This video was taken just before the collection was packed and put into secure storage.

It’s an old video but is a great reminder of Otley’s rich heritage, from prehistoric to the 20th century, and should be accessible to this and future generations.

Queen’s Hall & Japanese Gardens

The grounds were laid out as Japanese Gardens where many summer concerts, pageants etc. were held. In 1897 the Concert Hall was specially decorated and given the name of The Queen’s Hall, in honour of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.