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The Prisoner of War Camp

The Prisoner of War (POW) camp on Weston Lane and the pre-fabs which were erected on part of the site. The Wharfedale Observer cutting is from November 1947. It says 50 pre-fabs were built and you can see them to the left of the circular road which is The Oval with Weston Lane below. The plan shows the 50 prefabs marked with red dots and the photo shows them on Weston Ridge. The other photo/plan shows the position of the original POW camps (They were numbers 164 and 245) We have a file with interviews with the POWs and locals, paintings etc which was part of a display when the museum was in the Civic Centre in 2006, researched by Ian Andrew and Shirley Wise for the Otley German Circle. It is available for study by anyone interested just email or phone for an appointment.

Also, see the First World War section on the Museum Archive Collection Page.

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